2510, 2020

Internship cum Training opportunities

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Free training and internship program for freshers and students.
With a vision to make India “Atamnirbhar in Technology”;
EcoPreneurs, DPITT(DIPP) registered startup, offers Free online training and internship opportunities in the new technological domains for 3, 4 & 6 months duration.
So click on the the google form via link provided and fill in the details


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103, 2016

Technology Management

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Mr. Chandra P Bhatt and Ms. Seema Gupta presented a paper titled “Performance Assessment of 52 Countries across the Globe in Retail Sector and Ranking based on TOPSIS” at Indian Retail Conference in India International Centre.

1102, 2016


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Ms. Seema Gupta invited at TIFAC 29th Foundation Day for being alumni as Women Scientist in IPR!

2312, 2015

Sustainable development

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Sustainable development is a vision and a way of thinking and acting so that we can secure the resources and environment for our future generation. Sustainability is a process of caring about others as well, while taking care of oneself. It remind me the Indian tradition- “sharing is best way of living”. In sustainability […]

1510, 2015

‘Cheeni Kum’:Balance Sugar in ur Diet

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When we say “cheeni kum” most of the people hold their sugar in tea or coffee,but the fact is that there is hidden sugar present in most of the processed foods and drinks and even in what we consider healthier options-low fat yogurt,fresh orange juice,a grilled chicken sub etc.

Corn flakes,potatoes,wheat flakes,wheat chapati,white rice etc are […]

1210, 2015

Indian Tradition and #Sustainability Part 2

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In the Earlier post, I have talked about the traditions related to Sharad Paksha.

Today I want to touch upon another Indian tradition and its implicit sustainable aspects.

The worship of different plants and trees which are most beneficial to the environment or which are most required for that geographical locations is one such example. Indians are […]

710, 2015

Indian traditions and sustainability

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We Indian are known to live with nature in full harmony. From the ancient time the Traditions of India are full of sustainability. Many examples can be cited for this.

The fortnight of Shradh parv of Hindu religion is one of such example. This time is marked by remembering our pitra by offering cooked food and […]

2509, 2015

Female Foeticide

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India is said to be the next economic powerhouse.India is said to be the upcoming global leader.India is thought to be the next superpower.But in a country where basic human qualities of morality and righteousness are simply missing,what is the use of economic and scientific development.A country where people have no shame and feel no […]