When we say “cheeni kum” most of the people hold their sugar in tea or coffee,but the fact is that there is hidden sugar present in most of the processed foods and drinks and even in what we consider healthier options-low fat yogurt,fresh orange juice,a grilled chicken sub etc.

Corn flakes,potatoes,wheat flakes,wheat chapati,white rice etc are some examples of high glycemic index foods(foods that instantly spike sugar levels in the blood). Pizza,burger,cold drinks all are loaded with sugars.

Sugar is addictive but is only an indulgence. The daily recommendation is 6 teaspoons in females and 9 teaspoons in males per day. Our diet contains more than this amount as all cereals,fruits and starches are reduced to sugar in the body. We must consume fresh seasonal fruits as they contain essential fibers also and avoid sweets.

Sugar changes “muscle protein in the heart” leading to heart failure.

When we leave consuming extra sugar either in the form of junk food or jams ,ketch ups etc the craving is so intense in the initial days because the body undergoes a massive metabolic shift.But the things become normal in a month or so.

Balancing the sugar also helps in maintaining weight.

Its upto us,to take the decision now at this very moment.If you love, you and your family ,start balancing the consumption of your sugar now.

- Dr. Preeti