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Clean Energy

Including clean energy into your power mix and/or clean energy in itself is smart business preposition. Going green provides bottom line cost savings, and also allows your company to act proactively to address new environmental compliances.

We have significant expertise in technological, market and financial aspects of clean energy in India. We also have huge network of professionals, subject experts, government officials and policy makers.

Under one roof we provide wide range of services from advice to implementation. Below are the list of areas in which we offer Policy Formulation, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (audit & reporting).

Distributed generation (or DG) generally refers to small-scale (typically 1 kW – 50 MW) electric power generators that produce electricity at a site close to customers or that are tied to an electric distribution system.
We at ‘The EcoPreneurs’ can help you to generate power locally from waste, biomass, wind, solar or CHPP. We can find investor to invest in these generation plants to feed power to you directly, thus reducing your energy cost. Our services include:

  • Technical assistance: Such as planning, installation, operations and maintenance, load management or demand management.
  • Financial assistance
  • Partnerships and joint ventures: To buildup required DG capabilities through partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions.
Government of India has set a target of 100 GW of solar generation capacity by 2022, a nearly 33-fold increase from the current capacity. This would include 60 GW of utility scale projects and 40 GW of rooftop and other small grid-connected projects.

We see huge opportunity in solar business in India, infact India has potential to become one of the largest solar markets in the world in the next couple of years and provide huge opportunities, but the potential problem is with power evacuation, PPA, financing, right technology, identification of right site, transmission and land acquisition.

We at ‘The EcoPreneurs’ can handle your project so as to neutralize above problems; with the utmost precision and care.

Our services range from MW scale utility solar PV projects to smaller, decentralized roof-top, community level projects. We do

  • Feasibility study
  • Technology assessment
  • Tender facilitation
  • Contracts review
  • DPR preparation/review
  • Debt financing support
  • PPA facilitation
  • Owner’s and Lender’s engineer
  • EPC Monitoring
  • EPC: We provide EPC for both off-grid & grid based solar power projects. We
    - have the best industry experts associated with us.
    - facilitate to get the best products/services at the best price.
    - can help you to accommodate debt finance for your projects.
    - facilitate you to get required accreditation and certifications.
  • Technical due diligence
    - Site evaluation
    - Design checks, fault rectification recommendations
    - Yield assessment & energy prediction
We have unique expertise in the wind power industry and can provide you with comprehensive insights, financial & technical feasibility analysis, as well as strategic tie-ups. With critical understanding of wind business, we can help you in diversifying into wind business, as a power producer, and/or captive user to significantly reduce your power costs. Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Wind Resource Assessment(WRA),
  • Micro-siting & energy estimation.
  • Technology assessment
  • Tender facilitation
  • Contracts review
  • DPR preparation/review
  • PPA facilitation
  • Debt financing support
  • Owner’s and Lender’s engineer
  • EPC Monitoring
  • EPC
  • Repowering
  • Valuation of Wind farm Installations
We have substantial experience in technology and supply chain aspects of biomass. We provide consultancy in following aspects:

  • Feedstock Availability:
  • Biomass Suppliers:
  • Financial feasibility analysis:
  • Risks analysis & Risk mitigation:
We assist businesses identify attractive opportunities along the entire biodiesel value chain in India.
Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) mechanism is a market based instrument to promote renewable energy and facilitate compliance of renewable purchase obligations (RPO). It is aimed at addressing the mismatch between availability of RE resources in state and the requirement of the obligated entities to meet the renewable purchase obligation (RPO).

A Renewable Energy Certificate signifies the environmental attribute of the renewable energy.

RECs can be traded in the market to meet Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) which refers to Renewable Purchase Obligation and is mandated by SERCs and along with other Acts is mainly guided by CERC. Our services for RE projects include:

  • RPO Compliance

    - RPO assessment and mitigation strategy
    - Procurement of Green Power and/or REC
    - Compliance Reporting

  • Eligibility Check
    - Initial Assessment and Eligibility check
  • Accreditation
    - Preparing and filing of the Application for State Accreditation on behalf of the Project Proponent
    - Facilitating the Accreditation process by liaising with State Nodal Agencies
  • Registration
    - Preparing and filing of the Application for Registration with Central Nodal Agency on behalf of the Project Proponent
    - Facilitating the Accreditation process by liaising with Central Nodal Agencies
  • Issuance
    - Applying and Liaising with SLDC for Verification
    - Facilitating the issuance of REC from Central Nodal Agency
  • Trading
    - Formulating Trading Strategy
    - Bidding on Exchanges on behalf of our clients.
Generation Based Incentives (GBI) will be provided to wind electricity producers @ Rs. 0.50 per unit of electricity fed into the grid for a period not less than 4 years and a maximum period of 10 years with a cap of Rs. 100 Lakhs per MW. The total disbursement in a year will not exceed one fourth of the maximum limit of the incentive i.e. Rs.25.00 Lakhs per MW during first four years. The scheme will be applicable for projects set-up before March 2012.

The incentive is over and above the tariff that may be approved by the State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERC’s) in various states.

We at ‘The EcoPreneurs’ help you to avail GBI benefits.
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We offer PMC for clean energy projects in India. PMC includes feasibility, planning, liaising and execution.
We provide complete blueprint and channels for entering the Indian market. This assistance can be in terms of providing in-depth intelligence about the Indian clean energy sector, and assistance in setting up their India operations.
We facilitate financing (National as well as International), project due diligence, debt syndication advisory and financial structuring.
We facilitate,

  • project review for investments and take-over
  • buying, selling, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) of clean energy assets in India.