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A complete solution to your innovative and techno-legal needs

Intellectual Property Rights are territorial and exclusive rights given to a person over creation of mind for specific time period. Here in EcoPreneurs, We look after the techno-legal aspect of the matters through ADDIE (Advice to Design to Develop to Implement to Evaluate). We offer our services in varied fields of IPR to create, register, safeguard and protect your intellectual properties.

Patent is given for scientific invention which is novel and capable of industrial application. We offer services of

  • Novelty and Inventiveness Searching
  • Patent Drafting and Filing
  • Patent Infringement Analysis
  • Patent Opposition
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Know more about Indian Patent System and World Patent system

CA Trademark assigns any goods and service or any product of commerce; unique identity for its origin/source in the form of symbol, numeral, combination of color in a geographical form. We offer services of

  • Trademark Searching
  • Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Infringement Analysis

Know more about Indian Trademark System and World Trademark System

For ensuring the originality of a product or service of a particular geographical region, GI provides protective right to community or the group of people of that region. We offer services of

  • GI Registration Process
  • GI Follow up and Management

Know more about Indian GI System

Copyright is given for an original artistic, literary, dramatic, cinematographic and musical work to its creator. It is also given for original production and communication. We offer services of

  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Infringement Analysis

Know more about Copyright office of India and World Copyright System

2D or 3D image, shape, design of any industrial device or process is refered as industrial design under IPR. We offer services of

  • Design Searching
  • Design Filling and Registration

Know more about Design office of India and Design office of World ,

We offer training of IPR for group of individuals as well as organization at basic and advance level. This can be conducted in jointly or solely. We offer services of

  • IPR Training Basic and IPR Training Advance
  • Module development
  • Content development
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Providing resource person