India is said to be the next economic powerhouse.India is said to be the upcoming global leader.India is thought to be the next superpower.But in a country where basic human qualities of morality and righteousness are simply missing,what is the use of economic and scientific development.A country where people have no shame and feel no guilt on murdering a defenseless,innocent,unborn baby,where unborn children are slaughtered by their own parents -What is progress and what is development?Is it what we call “ MOTHER INDIA”.What an irony!

Female foeticide is simply the most heinous,atrocious and disgusting practices humans could have come up with.Where is the humanity in these humans?If India has to progress,it will have to first and foremost eradicate this menace of female foeticide.

It is not only the government who needs to work on this-the society ,which means we,needs to work just as much.We as citizens,can do our bit to work for this cause-support,stand,be aware and aware others.Write.Speak.Act.Go give a small talk in your school(or your child’s school.)Step out of your comfort zone.

How does it matter to me?Another absurd question.Agreed,you do not indulge into this practice and you do not support it.No one can give you an answer to this question-well,except your conscience.Go ahead and ask it.

It won’t affect you directly.But it is a moral obligation for you to improve the world you live in.If everyone asks the same question and stays glued to their seats -this will remain as it is.Nothing will happen,the situation will worsen and you will still remain glued to your seats .Do you think those who are commiting this foeticide will work for the cause?Obivously Not .It is the ones who do not do it,who have to work,to stop those,who do it.And that includes you.

Just sitting back and complaining that “ this country will remain as it is”, “this country cannot improve” is futile.

GET UP and do something that you shall be proud of for your entire life.Stand tall and strong and support and help .Do it for Yourself.Help yourself become someone better.Help yourself rise in your own eyes.Help yourself smile with pride.

The decline in child sex ratio in India is evident by comparing the census figures.

( 1991,it was 947girls to 1000boys.Ten years later,it had fallen to 927girls for 1000boys.

Since 1991,80%of the districts in India have recorded a declining sex ratio with the state of Punjab being the worst.States like Maharashtra,Gujarat,Punjab and Haryana have recorded more than 50point decline in child sex ratio in this period.

Foetal Sex determination and sex selective abortion by unethical medical proffessionals has grown today to a 1000 crore(US$ 244 million )industry.

Bringing about changes in the demand for sex determination is a long process and has to be tackled through women’s education and empowerment.States in the Northeast and Kerela show a better sex ratio as it has a high female literacy rate.

The battle against sex selection has proved to be a long drawn out.But some signs are visible that demonstrate that fight can be won.

LAKHANPAL,a small village in Punjab(that had the lowest sex ratio in the country) now has 1400girls for every 1000boys.

So COME ,STAND STRONG today itself and join hands together in this mission to stop female foeticide.

- Dr. Preeti